The Green Spaces Project

Whilst we wait patiently for hubby’s chemo to start, sadly it means that we can’t organise any adventures too far afield. As always though, we have a plan. Neither of us are the sort to sit at home eating crappy food and wallowing in ‘why me-ness?’

Instead, we’re busy organising micro-adventures, mini-trips, and excursions to local green spaces.

We’ve always spent our weekends out and about, exploring the wilds on foot, so there’s not much change there. But we probably have become a bit blinkered to what’s right on our doorstep. Two excursions in and we’ve discovered a public park we never knew existed, complete with a wooden swing suspended from a willow tree; and this beauty:

By 'My Dog Sighs'
By ‘My Dog Sighs’

I’ve always been a fan of street art. Not the “So and so is a knob” sort, but the illustrations and messages that stop you in your track, and make you want to hunt down the artist and commission them to re-decorate the inside of your house. ‘My Dog Sighs’, the artist who created the painting, now has an international following, and it’s easy to see why. I’m in awe of his talent, as are so many others as the piece hasn’t been touched by anyone else yet, and that’s a mark of utmost respect.


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