About me

I am Welsh. Very. This means that I sound like Nessa from ‘Gavin and Stacey’. It also means that I don’t do faffing. In fact my  husband calls me the ‘No-Faffmeister’.

Hubby is my rock, partner in crime, soulmate and best friend. He also happens to have NF2 (Neurofibromatosis type 2), a rare genetic condition that causes tumours to grow on nerve endings.

I have just completed an MA in Woman and Child Abuse at London Metropolitan University, after qualifying as an accredited Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) in 2015. Next stop – a PhD.

You can find my CV here.


  1. Keith Segal

    Hi Hayley, How’s your world? I hope your all is looking good and that life is treating you well.
    Things here are much the same, with motorsport helping to keep my sanity. At the end of June I marshalled at the Formula E event at Battersea Park, which produced some great racing and very close action on a very tight circuit. The ‘lack of noise’ from the electric engines did not detract from the racing at all and made marshalling at the first chicane a pleasure!
    I still find work constantly interrupts my social life, but at least the network here is good. Anyway, duty calls, cheers for now.
    Keith xx
    PS Let me know if you want me to ‘proofread’ any of your new website.

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