My name is Hayley and I am a migraineur. I have suffered from, or experienced (depending on my mindset at the time) migraine for over thirty years, and now I’m writing a book about living with it.

If you have ever experienced an attack; suffer regularly; or have a close loved one or friend who does, what would you like to read in a book about the condition? The angle won’t be clinical – there are plenty of books out there about that side of things. It’s more about the impact on your social life, your career, friendships and dare I say it – your mental health. It’s the sort of thing I wanted advice on, but could never find.

What sort of information or perspective would be useful or interesting to you? Please do let me know, and if you’re up for it, I can include your story.

This is what I look like after a migraine...
This is what I look like after a migraine…

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